Free Stamps!

Free Stamps! 


Do you want to earn yourself free stamps?  Then read on to find out a way to get hostess benefits WITHOUT having to host a party!

To receive hostess benefits, a party has to have total sales of £150.  If you want to receive the benefits WITHOUT hosting a party, then you could either …

  • Place an order yourself for £150 or more.
  • Order a catalogue (or two!) and sit down with some friends to enjoy a coffee and a browse.  If your total order reaches £150 you will qualify for the hostess benefits.  You could always share these with your friends to encourage them to order!
  • Order a catalogue and leave it in your staff room at work.  If you can collect enough orders to reach £150 then you could keep the hostess benefits yourself for your hard work!

And don’t forget to look out for any extra benefits on the Special Offers page on this site!

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